Red Electricity Lightning ITZ AREZ!!

Hi 7o7

I've also made a cool creative resources website here!!

I'm redoing this site! Check out this page for more info!

You're so fucking cool dude did you know that? Did you know your so fucking cool and awesome and poggers and fucking amazing? Did ya? Did ya know that??? Did you fucking know that? You fucking better bro you goddamn better.
My name is Ares and I like to do stuff. You can find out more about me in my about page!! I tend to ramble a lot though since I have a lot of ideas and things going on in my little pea brain lol, I also say lol wayyy to much lol, lol lol lol, did I mention i'm 20, that should probably said somewhere lol

I'll try to keep my page as updated as possible but life is hard lol, that being said I love making new friends so feel free to say howdy at any time! I promise i dont bite.... most of the time.....

Also now that you've found my little corner of the internet you have to check out Juno Retrovampz :/ sorry i don't make the rules..(yes i do tee hee!!! this is what you get for stealing my layoutz XP)

Homepage Ramblez >o<

Is Teto still popular? I see a new wave of young vocaloid fans on my instagram all the time and it makes me feel really old that they already consider my y2k childhood as an "aesthetic" and don't know all of the voca classics.
Like do they even know what an Utauloid is? I don't see many Teto posts now a days and it makes me sad :( I don't see many gakupo posts either even though he's my favorite male vocaloid but it makes sense since his VA is a terrible guy....

I miss the old web, web 1.0... its nice to say whatever and not be worried about who sees your page, not that I have anything to hide I'm just paranoid about everything lol, what if someone "cancels" me for missing teto... I should go listen to some more of her songs....

WebRings I've Joined ^o^

  • *sweats*unfortunately the jellyworld webring isn't working anymore qwq so click here for the full members list and how to get your own jelly :3

  • [Sir Candy Cat]