Red Electricity Lightning ITZ AREZ!!


Mood: Heartbroken...

Souji and I broke up today :(, but that's ok! Stuff happens we're still friends, and who knows! Maybe watching the new season of Demon Slayer that came out will make me feel better!


Mood: Excited!

WOOOOW! It's been a bit haha! I really missed making this site and coding but now I'm back and super excited to finally finish and grow this site again :3


Mood: Vibing...

FFXIV is taking forever since endwalker came out a bit ago :p, on the other side I became a Neocities supporter!! ^-^ Now I can make as many websites as I want hehehehe probably going to make one for my art soon ^-^


Mood: Craving....

The dunkin donuts line on campus today was massive! So I had to settle for a turkey sandwich even though I'm in love with their grilled cheese melt... aw man... now I can't stop thinking about it....oh well! At least the smoothie I drank was pretty good


Mood: Sleepie....

It's 1:05 am... I am so tired... I went to my college's gym for the first time with my girlfriend and it was really fun! I loved getting BUFF and definitely need to go more :D But for now...I am just really sleepy and tired...


Mood: Hype!

Yay! I've finally made my Diary page!! I'm so excited for how the rest of my website is gonna turn out! I'm really proud of it so far!