Sakura Mato And Rider - Fate Stay Night


Things To Make Souji Smile

Below are some things that I think will make souji smile during bad times

  • The Mental Heal Clinic
  • A collection of websites that was made to help with struggling mental health!

  • Doko Demo's Adopt A Creature
  • A place for you to get a randomy generated pet! All of souji's pets will be listed below in the Souji's Pets page!

  • Random Cow Facts!
  • Pretty self explanitory ;3

  • GiphyPet
  • You can make your own pet! Will add Souji's on the Souji's Pets page as well!

  • This...
  • Them...
  • :3
  • Souji when no cuddles....
  • Strange Kitties for Souji....